Pastor David J. Miner

Owner / FOUNDER / Executive Producer

Black Metal Cult Records was founded by Pastor David J. Miner in 2007; An Aryan Warrior (National Socialist) Dedicated to Christ, Race and Nation. Been involved since the late 1990’s promoting honest, healthy and above all true National Socialism to his Kindred. Pastor Miner lives by the Scriptures and Adolf Hitlers Mein Kampf. Dedicated to the Natural Life Laws, He does not condone a life of Filth, Degradation, Drugs, Homosexuality, Porn, Race-Mixing.. etc. In fact, he is highly against people who commit these abominable sins. Black Metal Cult Records is dedicated to all of those Aryans who follow a strict life of morality; at all cost preserving the Aryan Race from Extinction and a life of slavery.